Hill Country Tour Of Sri Lanka 5 Days/ 4 Nights


Day 1 :
Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, Kandy Cultural Show,
Night StayHotel in Kandy
Day 2 :
Sightseeing, shopping tour in Kandy, Nuwara Eliya
Night StayHotel in Nuwara Eliya
Day 3 :
Nuwaraeliya Sightseeing, New Zealand farm and Ambewela farms, Beach resort
Night StayHotel in Beach resort
Day 4 :
Bentota Sightseeing, River boat safari, Colombo Shopping tour
Night StayHotel in Colombo

Day 1 :Airport–Arrival-Pinnawela-Kandy

Meet and assist on arrival by (TBA)Thereafter transfer clients to Kandy via visiting the famous elephant orphanage at Pinnawela.

Sri Lanka is one of the leading romantic destinations in the whole world. The land of serendipity brings spiritual tranquility and a chance to rediscover oneself. The beauty of this tiny island is simply breath-taking. Known for its enchanting ancient ruins, endless soft-sanded beaches, imposing mountains, colorful festivals, tempting water sports, dense wild-life, and diverse ethnical groups and off the top hospitality from the local residents Sri Lanka is bound to make you come back again. Sri Lanka Travel and Tourism brings all this for you right under your fingertips so that you can discover the serene island for yourself. – Your stay in The Ancient city KANDY will give you an idea to prepare yourself to explore this beautiful country. Spend rest of the day for Leisure for own activities.

The wild life department of Sri Lanka established this orphanage in 1975 13 Kilometers Northwest of the Kegalle town which is a main town on the Colombo Kandy Road. Thousands of Tourists visit this Elephant orphanage every day, as this kind orphanage is one of the rare establishments in the World. Most of the elephants are bought to this orphanage from jungles or from sites where they get injured by falling into pits and wells as well with gunshot injuries created by farming communities, since these elephants go to their cultivation sites and destroy all their cultivation. Some baby elephants lose their parents and such ones are located and directly bought to this orphanage. Today there are about 65 such elephants in this orphanage thousands of tourist both local and foreign visit this orphanage every day. Check in to the booked hotel in Kandy & evening witness the famous cultural show in Kandy.

Kandy cultural show – Sri Lanka, a country rich with culture & tradition offers a very vibrant and unique show of Sri Lankan traditional dances, in the form of Kandy cultural show. The beat a dancing from "Salupliya" depicting several demons, "Theme" vibrant expression of low country rhythm, Fire and Harvest dances accompanied by Ceremonial Drums and the Drum Orchestra rising and falling to the lively tempo. As many as 12 different folk and traditional dances are performed by Kandy lake club dance troop within the span of one hour.

The highlight of the show is definitely the fire walking show, where the artists walk through a specially prepared fire pit; roughly 8 feet by 3 feet covered with red-hot charcoal, completely barefoot and emerges unharmed at the other end! Kandy cultural show leaflet describes the fire walking as having its roots in the Valmiki epic of "Ramayana", where the king of Sri Lanka Ravana abducts "Sita" the wife of Indian prince Rama and after regaining her in an epic battle with Ravana, she is made to prove her chastity by walking through fire barefoot, though the current devotees who perform fire walking in Sri Lanka seek the divine blessings of the Lord Karthekeyan & goddess Pathini.

Overnight stay at - The booked hotel in Kandy

Day 2 :Kandy-Sightseeing-shopping tour- Nuwara Eliya

After Breakfast proceeds for sightseeing and shopping tour in Kandy prior leaving for NuwaraEliya and on the way you will be able to visit a tea factory and a tea garden.

Nuwara eliya is a beautiful city and the most visited city by Tourist who flock to this country. Situated at around 2000m above sea level and known as the “Little England” this city is very famous for Tea Plantations and mountains which include some of the famous water falls in Sri Lanka. When we are in Colombo we feel the Humidity and the hot weather conditions, but in Nuwaraeliya it is completely different weather as it is very much cooler and comfortable. The city is so beautiful and blessed with excellent Nature and during the journey you will be able to stop at one of the popular tea factory to watch the whole process of Sri Lanka tea which has many varieties. You will get an opportunity to sip a cup one of the best teas produced in the World. Many Plantations were established during the British rule and most of the workers whom are from the Tamil community and were bought from Southern India, later these workers were offered Sri Lanka citizenship and today we can see a much better living conditions for them.

Overnight stay at -The Booked hotel in NuwaraEliya

Day 3 :Nuwaraeliya Sightseeing – Beach resort

After Breakfast continue with the sightseeing in NuwaraEliya, prior leaving for the beach resort.

From Nuwaraeliya one can visit to many sites such as the Golf Course, Race course, Hakkala Botanical gardens, Gregory’s Lake, where it will be a suitable place to Relax or take a nice walk, there will be also activities like pony rides and boat trips. Since of the climatic conditions Nuwaraeliya is also the place where most of the dairy farms are located along with strawberry gardens. Nuwaraeliya is also is well known for vegetable growing and many vegetables are produced and distributed to all other cities in Sri Lanka. Also visit to the famous AMBEWELA FARM.

There are two farms at Ambewela and those are called New Zealand farm and Ambewela farms. New Zealand farm is at 1km from Ambewela and Ambewela farm is at before Ambewela. Rabbits, Cattles, Cows, Goats and grass lands, vegetable farm, seed potatoes producing center and nice reservoir are available on Ambewela farm. No special permission needed to enter Ambewela Farms. In 12:30 PM of every day demonstrates the get cow milk in electronic machine. Cheese factory, Goat yard and thousands of animals can be seen in Ambewela farms. Largest grass lands of Sri Lanka also a part of Ambewela farms, after the city tour of NuwaraEliya, proceed to the beach resort in the southern part of Sri Lanka. Since it is the longest drive, you will have no time to take part in any activities of sightseeing when reaching the beach resort. Check in to the booked hotel.

Overnight stay at -Booked hotel in Beach resort

Day 4 :Bentota Sightseeing – Colombo Shopping tour

After Breakfast check out from the beach hotel and proceed to Colombo via sightseeing in Bentota.

Bentota is a charming city and considered to be one of the relaxing tourist spots in Sri Lanka and also known to be a popular city for water sports activities. Many tourists choose bentota to be their beach stay destination, as of the activitiessurrounding the city. One of the popular is the Maduganga river safari which goes along the Maduganga River in Balapitiya “Ma Duwa” to Balapitiya and it is wide enough to travel in a 3 wheeler. But it is a great creation and it is the longest bridge I have seen in Sri Lanka.Madu Ganga has high ecological, biological and aesthetic significance, being home to 303 species of plants belonging to 95 families and to 248 species of vertebrate animals. It might be one of the last remaining tracts of pristine mangrove forests in Sri Lanka. We also visited the Kothduwa temple, or KothDuwa Raja MahaViharaya located on Kothduwa Island on the Maduganga River. It is a unique experience and monks use boats for transportation. As we heard The Buddhist AmarapuraNikaya sect had its first Uasampada (Higher ordination ceremony) on a fleet of boats anchored upon it in 1803.The beaches of Bentota are unspoiled and it is possible to wander for miles along pristine stretches of sand with only the roar of the surf to disturb you, but beware of the tropical sun which can be deceivingly strong even on a cloudy day, also visit to the famous turtle farm in Kosgoda. Kosgoda is famous for its turtle hatchery- operated by the Wild Life Protection Society of Sri Lanka. It was established in 1981 to protect Sri Lanka's turtles from extinction.

Balapitiya river boat safari

There are two places you can take a river safari in the general area of South West Sri Lanka. We chose Balapitiya and the Madu Ganga (with Ganga Meaning River in the local language) over Bentota and the river that ends up there. Despite tours from Balapitya being more expensive and nature being about the same as only a few kilometers separate the two, apparently the Madu Ganga river boat safaris are better to Benota's as the islands you get to visit are more interesting and the trips longer.

A bridge spans the mouth of the river and we noticed signs for a few operators offering boat rides. Our driver choice for our safari was GangabadaAsiriya. The place was a little cheesy with a fake "Pizza Hut" sign and a swimming pool. A bearded captain in a khaki uniform and naval hat greeted us and escorted us to the boats.

The start of our journey was rather uninspiring with noxious fumes from the many outboard engines filling the air and garbage flowing about us. Our boatman, a likeable young man of about 20 years old, seemed confident in commanding the boat and we noticed with satisfaction that life jackets were on board. Within a few minutes the beauty of the area is revealed before our eyes and the first. Not so inspiring, impression is quickly forgotten. On the river shores a million shades of green are only interrupted by the presence of birds. Colorful king fisher’s pose patiently before our cameras and eagles soar high above us. We take a detour through a patch of mangrove trees that form a cave, barely big enough to fit our boat. We might not be able to see many wild animals but the water monitors we spot are the size of small alligators and you can easily make a mistake in identifying them, especially when they glide through the water. What's more the unusual sight of sweet water jelly fish with their eerily transparent body makes us wonder what else might live in these waters, proceed to Colombo via sightseeing and shopping tour in Colombo.

Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, biggest city and major port, draws together all the colors and cultures that make up this island nation, condenses them into a patchwork of markets, gardens and buildings both humble and grand, and knocks them against a narrow slab of beachfront.

Many visitors will appreciate Colombo’s colonial heritage, its fine dining and shopping opportunities, and the dash of urban buzz in an overwhelmingly rural country. Others will tire quickly of the diesel fumes and the modern buildings on Galle Rd, the city’s main artery. If you’re only on a short trip to Sri Lanka, you may wish to pass by Colombo, but if you have the time – say at least two days – there are plenty of cultural and historical attractions in areas such as Fort, Cinnamon Gardens and Pettah.Colombo is the political, economic and cultural center of Sri Lanka, so if you need to extend your visa or buy a plane ticket, you’ll find yourself here. The city was the scene of quite a few bombings during the war years, but security has been relaxed since a cease-fire was declared and peace talks began. It will be the best place to do all your last minute shopping as at some famous shopping arcades and showrooms. Odel unlimited, Liberty plaza complex, Majestic city complex, The house of Fashions, Beverly street, Gem Museum, Laksala hand craft shop, Barefoot, cotton collection, crescent boulevard, are some of the very famous shopping places in Colombo. Thereafter check in to the booked hotel in Colombo and evening your own activities

Overnight stay at - The Booked hotel in Colombo

Day 5 :Colombo hotel – Airport drop

After breakfast check out from the booked hotel in Colombo and thereafter proceed to the Airport for the departure flight (TBA).


This is all the Beauty of the “Land Like no other”.

On your flight back you will watch this tiny island disappear but we hope that you carry lasting memories of OUR friendly people and a beautiful country. We look forward to welcoming you back another day not as tourists, but as old friends.